For almost thirty years, Kenyon Disend has been known for its service as full-time city attorneys to cities across the State.  For other cities, we also provide temporary in-house legal staffing to assist during times of sudden turn-over, long-term leaves, retirements, and special projects.  Most recently, we have been retained by Mercer Island, Bellevue and Kirkland to provide these important services. 

Using Kenyon Disend to fill your short-term legal needs can provide your City flexibility in an unpredictable economy.  The ability to add to or scale back your legal services to respond to the ebbs and flows of demand can be useful in managing your City’s budget and completing the Legal Department’s work plan. 

Our team has considerable experience working efficiently remotely or in-person, from our office or your City Hall, wherever and whenever needed.  We are well known for building strong relationships with City Staff whether or not we have a physical presence in City Hall.

We also provide your City’s team access to our areas of particular expertise, including land use, public records and open meetings, eminent domain, franchise negotiations, labor and employment, and litigation, to name just a few.  If a new project requires focused time and attention, our team can provide the necessary talent and expertise.