Terry Curran, Client Services Coordinator - 425/392-7090, ext. 2192

Sheryl Loewen, Paralegal - 425/392-7090, ext. 2201

Antoinette Mattox, Paralegal - 425/392-7090, ext. 2196

Margaret Starkey, Paralegal/Firm Manager - 425/392.7090, ext. 2207

Mary Maughan, Paralegal -  425/392.7090, ext. 2209

The talented and experienced Staff members at Kenyon Disend add tremendous value to the municipal law services that we provide to our clients.  Margaret Starkey came to Kenyon Disend in 1995, Sheryl Loewen in 1997, Terry Curran in 2001, Antoinette Mattox in 2015, and Mary Maughan joined the team in 2017.  Combined, our Staff members have more than 60 years at Kenyon Disend, and over 75 years as professional paralegals and legal staff.  

Our clients regularly reap the financial and other benefits of the Staff’s experience.  In many instances, our Staff members initially provide services or prepare documents for which other firms would assign attorneys at substantially higher rates.  Their experience includes assisting with public records requests, communicating with City Staff and opposing counsel, and filing motions and other briefs in state and federal lower and appellate courts.  On a regular basis, they also prepare initial drafts of ordinances, resolutions, interlocal agreements, contracts, and other related documents for attorney review.  Simply stated, our Staff members are an exceptional and integral part of our team.